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Welcome to Mirage Film Institute

Mirage Film Institute is a leading training institute in Chennai providing cutting edge education and practical training in the field of Film, Media and Photography.  We offer professional level coaching for people who want to enter the media industry with focus on Movie, Television and Radio.

Courses offered in Film Production include Film Direction, Cinematography and Film Editing. For people wanting to enter the media industry, we provide intensive courses in Acting, Dubbing, Voice over, RJ, VJ, News Reading and Hosting.  Our Professional Photography course with a strong focus in Commercial and Fashion Photography helps our students start a career in photography. We also help people who may not want to leave their current career but have a passion for film, media and photography and want to upgrade their skill to professional level.

Our teaching staff include film makers, cinematographers, editors and professional photographers with vast experience and knowledge in their respective fields.

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What People Say

What does students of Mirage Film Institute say about our courses

Mr. Kulasekaran

Retired Central Government Officer, Chennai.
Using his methods, I was able to bring my imagination and life experience into my scI have just completed my first screen play for a Tamil feature film, within two months of the Script Writing course by Mr. Sam Kumar. He explained the techniques of writing screen plays in a simple manner that can be understood even by an absolute beginner like myself. His sincerity and encouragement helped me to start writing script. I have started my second screen play already

Kesavan Hariharasubramanian

Cognizant Technologies. Chennai
Your short-film making course that I attended truly revealed the magnitude of effort that goes behind film-making – be it short or long. Considering that this was only a course spanning 2 months, you did very good justice to the process of learning, especially with those assignments and the actual short-film shooting. Thanks a lot to you for introducing me to the nuances of film-making! Thanks for being a wonderful teacher! All the very best for your future endeavors!

Catherine Geetha

Lecturer, Womens Christian College, Chennai.
Your sessions on digital film making were a great eye opener into the film world for which I have an intense passion.The materials given and the classes conducted were worthy to the core….In fact, hands on experience in shooting a short film boosted our creativity and skill. Your dedication and passion is our inspiration….

Renu Sekar

English Teacher at VETA. Chennai
I got good coaching, patience, respect and lots of encouragement at Sam Kumar’s Script Writing Class. I am glad to inform that under his able guidance I am writing my first Movie script

Poornima Karthikeyan

Initially I had Zero knowledge about photography, but end of this course I was very confident and I would say those techniques taught in this class were very helpful. Very interactive sessions and had enough time to practice what is taught. Thanks a lot for Mr.Sam.